• Recap notes. After the session, we'll email you a recap of what we discussed so you can refer back as many times as you like.

  • Clear action steps. We’ll wrap up with recommendations on what to do next. No wondering “ok I get it, but now what....”

  • Two sets of eyes. Both of us will be on the call with you. That means two sets of experience, feedback, and recommendations.

  • No time wasted. We'll do homework ahead of time so we can jump right in.

Reviewed By Josephine M

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Truly Thankful

It gets REALLY hard being a solopreneur which is why I am so thankful I found Rita & Maria. They have helped me figure out new ways to increase my sales. I’ve done two sessions and each time I walk away with specific actions steps. They are the perfect sounding board for someone who wants an objective 3rd party that knows the ins and outs of the business. I am so appreciative of their motivation--it feels really good knowing I have people I can trust in my corner.

Reviewed by carina emilia

My business has improved because of Rita and Maria.

First of all, Rita & Maria preach that you should be learning the sales skills YOURSELF while you’re still new. I've been at this for years and can I attest to this first hand. I have hired other consultants in the past thinking it would be my  "moment to shine”. I thought they would make appointments at stores and call all their connections to promote me. THAT NEVER HAPPENED! All they did was send out 2 mass emails with 0 follow-up. It was beyond ridiculous. Then I found Rita & Maria and started implementing the techniques I learned in their free course. After going through all their free material (girl on a budget here!) I finally decided to do a 1 hour coaching session. After 2 sessions I signed up for the full blown coaching and have been working with them for 3 months now. I wish I could express in words what an impact they have had on my business. I can actually say that I have personally gained skills by working with them.

Reviewed by Raquel N.

To the point and full of information. Money well spent.

At the end of your hour with Rita & Maria, you will be wishing you found them sooner. I’ve been in the process of preparing to solicit stores and I just got stuck. The session helped me reset and create a clear path. I was jotting down so many notes on things I should be doing and what I shouldn’t waste time on. Rita & Maria go above and beyond to share their experience and knowledge (you’ll be able to realize this for yourself within the first few minutes).  If you feel like you need to talk with someone that will give it to you straight, then sign up. This session made me feel like I got to cheat off the smartest kid in class (Haha!)  Looking forward to future sessions.

Reviewed by Christina Zek

Eye-opening session. Don’t waste another minute.

I’ve been unhappy with sales and wanted to figure out if there is just no market for my products, or if it’s just persistence to get more buyers to order. I was at a crossroads where I was about to change my product all together because every buyer told me I was too expensive. Before I made my decision, I decided to buy 2 hours with Rita & Maria and they steered me in the right direction. After a few minutes of talking to me, they said “my gut feeling is you have a costing issue and/or error.” I was 100% sure my costing was accurate because I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. Sure enough, they spotted mistakes that were causing my prices to be too high. I feel SO relieved and empowered to get back out there selling my line. If it wasn’t for them, I would have wasted thousands of dollars trying to pivot when I didn’t need to.

Reviewed by olivie_denny

Saved me time and money

I used to sell wholesale to a number of smaller shops.  Many of the business I sold to went under so I decided to stop wholesaling at that time since I wasn’t sure I was making enough profit.  Since then, I have worked on creating a new line that is profitable and genuinely unique.  I signed up for a session with Maria and Rita to set a game plan before working on photos, line sheets & a look book. I needed to start from scratch re-entering wholesale and was unsure of where to start.  They helped me immensely and saved me a ton of time. I had everything ready to go in 4 days thanks to them.

Reviewed by Debbi

Great investment..thank you

Rita & Maria’s strategy sessions are so insightful and smart that I will be coming back for more. No matter what stage of business you're in, they can guide you away from overwhelm and confusion and toward a proactive, productive strategy. They are all about action. I’m still wow’ed by their personal knowledge bank and their creativity. A one-on-one session with them is one of the smartest business investments you can make.

Reviewed by Glaucia.Stanganelli

You two are on my special list from now on.

Hi Rita & Maria, I absolutely loved speaking to you, actually since I started reading your lessons it has already helped me so much. You add up straight to the critical points, I love it and I've been looking for someone with your experience and background for a long time. 

I will follow your recommendations, and I have a feeling we will speak again. Your feedback would be very useful to do every new collection. Thank you for the recap!

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