Pitch Your Product: 3 Reasons a Retail Buyer Didn’t Respond To Your Email


"I’ve tried pitching buyers but I never hear back”—we hear this from entrepreneurs over and over again so we decided write about it!

In this guest post, we talk about the top 3 reasons you didn't get a reply and what you can do to better your chances of hearing back next time around.

This post will shed some light on some of the most common mistakes we saw vendors make when we were on the buying side. Hoping that this info will help some of you adjust your current outreach strategies to maximize your potential for hearing back. 

The info in this article comes from our own REAL EXPERIENCE on the buying side. This isn't what we "think" goes on... it's what really goes on.

The concepts in this post apply to ALL categories.

Don't forget to embed images of your product IN the body of your email and include all relevant product information a buyer may need (this includes line sheets)! 

Give it a read and let us know what you think. Comment, email, post-- let us know what other roadblocks you're hitting and we'll address them here.

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